The Easy Way To

Report Flytipping

Following the successful launch of the Flytipping in Boston Facebook group, this new online facility offers the easy option to report location and provide additional detail.


Report all the details using the form


We’ll pass all the details onto the Operation Flyswat team at Boston Borough Council


The Operation Flyswat team will go out and clear the abandoned items


Boston Borough Council will seek to prosecute anyone who is caught flytipping.

Help Keep
Boston Clean

Flytipping is an increasing issue across England, not just here in Boston, however with your help, we can reduce the amount left, and prosecute those responsible for leaving their rubbish.

A multi-agency initiative to tackle fly-tipping in Boston

Operation Flyswat has proved so successful that it has now been extended to cover the whole of the south of the county.

The initiative, which uses manpower from an open prison located on the Lincolnshire marshes, initially covered the area administered by Boston Borough Council. Now it has taken in the local authority area covered by neighbouring South Holland District Council.

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Use our online reporting facility now to help us Clean Up Boston.

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